The motto of the Firm is ‘Arth Karicheya Vidya’ (i.e. to Create wealth from knowledge), which is a quote from the treatise Arthashastra, and signifies the importance that the Firm places on research and academic initiatives. The Firm has a dedicated research vertical undertaking independent focussed legal research on the confluence of academic research and real world legal practice. We are of the view that a dedicated focus towards academic initiatives is imperative for growth as a practitioner as it enables us to put innovation in the lead, train the mind to think out of the box and open new avenues and processes which equip us to address issues beyond the rigors of a traditional law practice.

The Firm is associated with Industry Associations, Think-tanks, Professional bodies, Non-Governmental Organizations etc. for capacity building in the areas of substantive law, policy and procedural issues. The Firm has also advised Ministries on issues pertaining to drafting of Statutes and Rules. Members of our Firm have won several certifications and excellence awards for their research initiatives from International Bar Association, Federation of Small & Medium Enterprises (FISME) etc.

The key research projects undertaken by the Firm are as follows:

Competition Law and International Trade

  • Structure, Scope and Limitations associated with Exceptions provided under the International Trade and Competition Laws regime covering National Security and National Interest concerns;
  • Interplay between Competition Law and Intellectual Property.

Intellectual Property

  • IP Valuation;
  • Publicity and Image Rights;
  • Shape Marks;
  • IP Due Dilligence.

Climate Change and Environmental Law

  • Climate Change mechanisms and the Emerging Legal Regime for Entrepreneurs in India.

Commercial Law

  • Model for harmonization of contract law for India-Choice between Global or Regional Harmonization.